In the current season, Bangladesh has exported 2,700 tons of mangoes to 34 countries so far this year. The mango export rose by 1,000 tons this year compared to the previous year. A total of 1,757 tons of mangoes were exported to 28 countries last year. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, although there is a huge demand for mangoes in the global market, the amount of exports is low due to non-compliance with various international standards including good agricultural practices.

To increase the export of mangoes, the Ministry of Agriculture is implementing a project to increase the production of exportable mangoes. Among 34 countries, 1,256 tons of mango were exported to the United Kingdom, 296 tons to Italy, 260 tons to Saudi Arabia, 137 tons to the United Arab Emirates, 111 tons to Qatar, 55 tons to Singapore, 14 tons to Switzerland, 70 tons in Germany, 85 tons in France, 65 tons in Sweden, 218 tons of mangoes were exported to Kuwait and 40 tons to Canada.


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