Bangladesh and India reaffirmed their commitment to fostering collaboration and mutual growth in the startup sector. 

During a meeting held on the sidelines of the two-day Bangladesh Startup Summit-2023 at Inter Continental Dhaka ICT, State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak and Indian High Commissioner in DhakaPranayVerma focused on leveraging the ‘Bridge Portal’ to enhance cooperation between the entrepreneurial communities of both the countries. 

The Bridge Portal, inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during the summit’s opening ceremony, serves as an online networking platform that facilitates skill development, knowledge exchange, and sharing of experiences and information among startups from Bangladesh and India.

Indian startups showcased their business proposals to State Minister Palak during the meeting. Expressing keen interest, Palak assured the startups that he would personally inform the Prime Minister about the potential Indian startups, and further pledged to take proactive measures to bridge the gapbetween startup ecosystems in Bangladesh and India.

High Commissioner PranayVerma emphasized the transformative impact of Digital Bangladesh and Smart Bangladesh, stating that these initiatives have opened new avenues of possibilities. 

He expressed optimism about the joint efforts of the startup communities in both countries and their potential to drive significant growth for Bangladesh and India.

The meeting’s participants underscored the significance of effective mplementation of the BridgePortal, recognizing it as a key platform to foster skill development and collaboration. By facilitating theexchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences, the portal is expected to accelerate the growth and success of startups in both nations. The Bangladesh Startup Summit-2023 serves as a critical platform for ntrepreneurs to showcase their 

innovative ideas and receive support from government officials and industry leaders. The event has been a testament to the ever-strengthening ties between Bangladesh and India in the startup sector, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation.

As both countries continue to prioritize fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, the joint efforts of their startup communities are expected to bring about positive economic and social changes, further deepening the bilateral relationship between Bangladesh and India.

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