Industry sources say that Bangladesh spent Tk 803,000 on 1,51,216 tons of apple imports, and Tk 7.95 bln on 1,48,519 tons of oranges imports. These figures indicate that a kg of these fruits cost Tk 53 on average in the last financial year. Importers and wholesalers claim that the prices of apples and oranges are high in the local market due to higher duties. Meanwhile, retailers say syndicates in the wholesale markets are behind the steep prices of apples and oranges at the consumer level.

In a number of visits to Falmondi and other fruit markets in Chattogram, journalists found that traders are selling a basket of 19 kg to 20 kg of African apples for Tk 4,500. That means per kg of apple costs around Tk 225 to Tk 234 at the wholesale level.

Wholesalers sell a basket of Chinese apples at Tk 3,400, so per kg price would be around Tk 170 to Tk 179. Each basket of oranges is being sold for nearly the same prices. So, when the import and wholesale levels are compared, prices of these fruits are jumping by Tk 50 – Tk 115 per kg.

[ Tk 100 = € 0.84 ]


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