Abhishek Gondaliya, Amreli: Farmers of Amreli district are turning towards modern agriculture day by day based on their innovative technology. While many types of agriculture are being seen within the district, today Rajnibhai, who lives in Barwala Bavisi village of Kukavav taluka and is involved in agriculture, started farming by making a net house. Rajnibhai had his friends go to Israel about net house farming and Rajnibhai got all kinds of information about Israeli net house farming from Javo, then Javo made a greenhouse and also farmed for ten years.

Talking to News 18, Rajnibhai said that these net houses have been prepared by Javo within 4000 square meters. The production of cucumber per hectare is ten times higher than the production of cucumber per hectare in normal agriculture. This cucumber is being produced to the tune of 60 to 70 tons this year due to the two projects of Net House.

40 rupees per kilogram is getting the price of cucumber

This cucumber is highly produced by Israeli net house cultivation in which all the maintenance work is done by Rajnibhai inside the net house, all modern cultivation including fountain drip irrigation is done to make the environment favorable and more than 60 tons of cucumber will be produced. As stated by Rajnibhai, the production of approximately 22 to 23 lakhs will be available from this net house.

A total of 22 to 24 lakhs was spent in Net House
Farmer Rajnibhai spent 22 to 23 lakh rupees to build a net house inside his farm out of which 17 lakhs was provided by the Amreli Horticulture Department and Javo adopted this project and earned lakhs of rupees from cucumbers. They have worked hard and adopted modern agriculture and are adopting the approach of farming by adopting maximum technology to get maximum income

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