Jabalpur, New World Representative. Akshaya Navami is also known as Amla Navami. Every year Shukla Paksha Navami tithi in the month of Kartika is celebrated as Usiri Navami. Women performed puja under the guava tree from Wednesday morning today. According to belief, the Amla tree is worshiped on Amla Navami, as it is believed that Vishnu always resides in the guava tree. On Usiri Navami, people bathe in the holy river, meditate, make donations and pray to God to fulfill their every wish.

Astrologer Pandit Saurabh Dubey says that in terms of health, guava fruit is rich in nutrients. By taking guava regularly, no diseases will enter the body quickly. Where Vishnu resides in an amaranth tree, on the other hand, cooking food under its shade and eating amaranth will keep both body and mind healthy. Hence it is also known as Amala Navami.

Six Remedies for Amla Navami

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1. Worship the guava tree on Akshaya Navami because the guava tree is the abode of Lord Vishnu, Shivaji and Mother Lakshmi.

2. Eating under an Amla tree will bless Lord Vishnu on Amla Navami.

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3. While worshiping Lord Vishnu on this day, offer amla in the bhog.

4. Donation on this date has special significance. Donations on Amla Navami and giving alms to Brahmins increase wealth and happiness manifold.

5. Buying new things on Amla Navami is considered auspicious.

6. Amla should be consumed on Navami day. It is a medicinal fruit and has religious significance.

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