Allegation that patient died after giving fruit juice instead of blood platelets: Order to demolish- Dinamani

In Uttar Pradesh, the district development committee has ordered the demolition of the concerned private hospital as the patient’s family alleged that fruit juice was given instead of blood transfusions.

Meanwhile, what was administered to the patient was not juice; The district administration said that it was blood platelets.

Pradeep Pandey was admitted to a private hospital in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh due to dengue fever. His family alleged that he was given fruit juice instead of blood platelets. As his condition worsened, he was shifted to another hospital. He died there without improvement in his health.

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Prayagraj Development Group sent a notice to the accused private hospital owner while the district administration conducted an inquiry on the order of Deputy Chief Minister Prajesh Pathak.

In the notice, it was stated that the hospital had been constructed without obtaining proper permission and an explanation had to be given.

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But the hospital owner did not offer an explanation. Following this, the information that Prayagraj Development Group has ordered to demolish the hospital has now come out.

The hospital was sealed on October 20. The owner of the hospital has been ordered to vacate the hospital by the morning of October 28.

Lack of proper maintenance:

Regarding the incident, Prayagraj District Collector Sanjay Kumar told PTI reporter, ‘A sample of the juice allegedly administered to the patient was obtained from the hospital. On examining it, it was not fruit juice; It turned out to be platelets. But those platelets are not maintained properly. Due to this, the patient may have a blood clot. It has been revealed that the hospital was lax in administering blood platelets to the patient. He said that action will be taken in this regard.


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