Agriculture Minister Dr M Abdur Razzaque has sought cooperation from the three ministries with a call to take steps for cultivating fallow land under Sugar Mill, Jute Mill, Textile Mill and Railways.

“To face possible food crisis amid unfavorable global situation, enormous scopes remain to take the farming initiative of food grain, vegetable, pulse and oilseed on unused arable land under various state-owned agencies,” he said.

Dr Razzaque made this appeal by sending a demi-official (DO) letter to the Industries, Textile and Jute and Railways Ministries.

The agriculture minister, however, also sought the personal initiatives of these three ministers, an official release said on Sunday.

“The farming initiative on the fallow land at different sugar mills, Jute mills, textile mills, and the railways under the three ministries would help to raise food production of the country,” the release added.

The concerned upazila officials under the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) will provide necessary assistance for this farming.

Worldwide food production and marketing have been facing challenges resulting from the global pandemic coupled with the Russia-Ukraine war, said the release, adding: “Even sky-rocketing price of essential commodities including fertilizer and fuels along with hampering of the supply chain have exposed a threat of food crisis all over the world.”

Amid this situation, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given directives for raising food production and urged everyone to ensure that no lands remain uncultivated in an effort to maintain food security in the country.

The Agriculture Ministry is working relentlessly to raise crop output along with increasing crop farming areas, establishing homestead gardens, and bringing fallow land under cultivation.

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