Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Md. Shahab Uddin said 113 adaptive actions have been identified in the National Adaptation Plan(NAP)to deal with 14 types of disasters by dividing Bangladesh into 11 regions.

Of these, 80 are considered as high priority and 23 as medium priority actions. 

The minister said these at a workshop titled ‘Consultation Workshop on Dissemination and Brainstorming of NAP Implementation’ organised by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in the auditorium of the Department of Environment.

“To implement the activities identified in the Adaptation Plan by 2050, we will need around US$230 billion,” he said.

The workshop was presided over by the Secretary of the Ministry Dr. Farhina Ahmed. 

Additional Secretary of Climate Change wing of the ministry Md. Moniruzzaman, Director General of Department of Environment Dr. Abdul Hamid and Professor Emeritus Dr. Ainun Nishat spoke at the workshop.

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NAP was presented by Deputy Secretary(CC) Dharitri Kumar Sarkar and Director of DoE Mirza Shawkat Ali.

The high officials present at the workshop placed their respective suggestions to implement NAP successfully.

The Minister said that the plan submitted to the UNFCCC on October 31, 2022 is not only a national report but it will highlight the country’s position in the global arena in terms of climate adaptation.

“This plan will be implemented by accepting everyone’s valuable opinions. This National Adaptation Plan will be effective in adopting and implementing long-term integrated adaptation activities to combat climate change in Bangladesh,” he said.

The National Adaptation Plan identifies specific adaptation needs for Bangladesh and appropriate strategies to implement them, he added.

Shahab Uddin said that in addition to infrastructural development to deal with the impact of climate change, more emphasis will be given in increasing the adaptive capacity of people in vulnerable areas.

 Adaptation activities identified in the National Adaptation Plan will be adopted and implemented through collective efforts to combat climate change impacts, the minister added.

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